Sectional Title Management Services
RE/MAX Town and Country recognises that successfully managing a property directly influences the value of an individual's primary asset and quality of life. For this reason we are committed to offering an all-inclusive and client-centric sectional title management service.
HOA Management Services
RE/MAX Town and Country provides Homeowner Associations with extensive property management services - which can be conveniently customised to cater to the unique requirements of each complex, building or property. Each property is managed by our specialised team of portfolio managers.

RE/MAX Town and Country’s reliable team of expert property managers currently supervises and oversees 46 separate Body Corporate and Homeowners Association trust accounts and provide tailored related services.
What Our Sectional Title and
HOA Managers Can Do For You
  • Collecting levies and advising on managing arrears.
  • Arranging payment of salaries, UIF, PAYE and distribution of payslips.
  • Assisting in arranging Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Special General Meetings (SGMs).
  • Attending and recording AGMs, SGMs minutes.
  • Levy Clearance Certificates
  • Paying all suppliers.
  • Compile and distributing detailed monthly management accounts.
  • Assisting with annual preparation of financial statements.
  • Assisting with annual budgeting.
  • Keep full and complete books of accounts and records.
  • Arranging meter readings.
  • Sending letters on behalf of trustees/directors.
  • Arranging delivery of monthly statements.
  • Advising on enforcing conduct, rules and management.
  • Assisting complexes and estates with complying with statutory requirements.
  • Advising on complying with the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (8 of 2011) and the Sectional Titles Act (95 of 1986).
  • Advise on complying with the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act ( 9 of 2011).
  • Assist in obtaining and annually renewing fidelity insurance and insurance over the common.
  • Online managing system for owners to view statements.
  • Online management system for trustees/directors.